Touch screen glass

Touch screen glass Ergo SumTHE solution if you want to tactilize your shop window. Easy, resistant, works even with gloves ! The touch screen glass is a nearly ideal tool to make your window become YOUR first real information point …even when the shop is closed !

ErgoTouch is the product range covering various Multitouch screens provided by Ergo Sum. These devices are called “On-Contact” : they require tactile contact with the surface on which the animation is displayed, whether it is a screen or projection.

The touch screen glass allows a great number of users to be informed, play or collaborate, using their fingers to pilot the interface and select menus. Ergo Sum created several multitouch screens packs based on different technologies to cover various applications and adapted to the quantity of users.

The ErgoTouch Window enables us to transform your shop window into a touch screen, and to equip outlets with a multitouch solution usable from outside the stores by tapping directly on the window. The touch screen glass is an elegant and flexible solution to your interactive communication needs in a window, adapting to virtually any constraints at your store location.

The default packs are turnkey : provided with projection films, beamers, touch technology and standard software set. Ergo Sum can also create custom applications and sizes if requested.

 Good to know: the touch screen glass is primarily used in retail outlets, disseminating information, such as in banking institutions, real estate and travel agencies, etc. but can also be used at stands in trade shows.

Touch screen glass example

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