Multitouch programming

Multitouch programmingBecause we want to keep new technologies easy to use and to understand, we offer you turnkey multitouch solutions thanks to our multitouch programming knowledge.

ErgoTouch is the product range covering various Multitouch systems provided by Ergo Sum. These multitouch screens are called “On-Contact” : they allow a great number of users to be informed, play or collaborate, using their fingers to pilot the interface and select menus.

Because a successful multi-touch application is not simply related to the size or even the choice of technology, Ergo Sum offers tailor made multitouch programming to cover all the needs of our customers, from simple presentation of images to architected interfaces elaborated with third party applications. Developping on several platforms and systems we can provide turnkey multitouch programming involving hardware, design and application development.

Good to know: Ergo Sum will accommodate your needs to stay consistent with your graphical corporate standards in the designed applications.