Multitouch Table

Multitouch Table Ergo SumThe Multitouch Table is an intuitive, original and fun way to discover information…with the tips of your fingers.

ErgoTouch is the product range covering various Multitouch screens provided by Ergo Sum. These devices are called “On-Contact” : they require tactile contact with the surface on which the animation is displayed, whether it is a screen or projection. ErgoTouch Table is the “Table” version of our multitouch screens and is available in several sizes, from 32 to 55 inches.

The Multitouch Table allows a great number of users to be informed, play or collaborate, using their fingers to pilot the interface and select menus. Ergo Sum created several packs based on different technologies to cover various applications and adapted to the quantity of users. The Multitouch Table pack is equipped with furniture, screens, and a standard set of programs (presentations, games, etc…). If required, we offer customized sizes and applications as well.

Good to know: the Multitouch Table can be used in reception areas (information), stores, malls, museums (kids area, navigation, information), restaurants (menus, orders), cashiers (payment information and assistance), etc.

Multitouch Table example

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