Multitouch Wall

Interactive Wall Ergo SumMultitouch Walls… Interactive touch screens for greated impact and visibility, effective and innovative communication..

ErgoTouch is the product range covering various Multitouch screens provided by Ergo Sum. These devices are called “On-Contact” : they require tactile contact with the surface on which the animation is displayed, whether it is a screen or projection.

ErgoTouch Wall, our multitouch screen for mural applications, is generally offered in packs with standard sizes ranging from 42 to 55 inches.

Find that your needs exceed these dimensions? Not a problem. Our technicians can design custom solutions for big screens, video walls, or beamers . . Just ask us.

The Multitouch Wall is commonly used in exhibitions (animation, information, games), lobbies and reception halls, shopping centers, museums, hotels (orientation, information) etc.

Good to know: our technicians are here to provide you with a ready-to-use multitouch wall, lock and key suite of audio-video technologies and creations, as well as to advise you on how to work in and reuse your existing media content.

Multitouch Wall example

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