Interactive Window

Interactive Window Ergo Sum Interactive windows… The easiest way to attract people !

Our Ergo Activ line of products are interactive devices which, with the help of a built-in detection system, can modify projected images based on the presence and gestures of users.

Interactive windows are “contact free” : users do not need to make physical contact with the projection surface in order to interact with the animation, their presence being detected by proximity.

The animation of shop windows has always been a major challenge for stores communication. Ergo Activ Window is our contribution to this challenge, by means of an interactive solution created with projection screens applied to windows, combined with sensors which create an immediately recognizable interaction with passersby, leading them to stop and notice the window and store.

Good to know: interactive windows are very good tools to create buzz and awareness of a brand and/or products offered in the store. Use the animation to introduce a promotion, or suggest something compelling for the viewer to discover inside !

Interactive window example

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