Interactive floor

Interactive floor Ergo SumThe interactive floor, one of the most intuitive animations !

The Ergo Activ product line is made of interactive animation solutions which, with the help of a built-in detection and projection system, can modify diplayed images based on the presence and gestures of one or several users. Ergo Activ Floor is the floor-based application of this solution.

This interactive floor is contact free : users do not need to make physical contact with the projection surface in order to interact with the animation, their presence being detected by proximity.

The interactive floor is historically the most well-known of interactive animations as well as one of the most effective, being extremely intuitive. Users from ages 7 to 77 passing over the images projected on the floor will immediately see their effect on the animation. This completely trans-generational tool ensures the permanent attention of passing users, as well as those watching on. Innumerable animations are available and your imagination is the only limit.

Good to know: we use a variety of projectors with this product in order to create a variety of small to very large images.

Interactive floor example

Interactive floor Ergo Sum

Interactive floor in Box – Ergo Activ Box from Ergo Sum.

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