Interactive wall

Interactive wall Ergo SumDiscover interactive walls… A contact free device integrating a detection system.

The Ergo Activ product line is made of interactive animation solutions which, with the help of a built-in detection and projection system, can modify diplayed images based on the presence and gestures of one or several users. Ergo Activ Wall is the wall-based application of this solution.

The interactive wall is contact free, in the sense that users do not need to make physical contact with the projection surface in order to interact with the animation, their presence being detected by proximity.

The contents can be displayed either with video projectors or based on video walls (LED, LCD, Plasma). Totally intuitive and immediately noticeable, the animations created with the interactive wall make this solution ideal for shops, lounges (wall stands), reception halls, malls and museums, etc.

Good to know: as a permanent installation, Ergo Activ Wall is a media in itself. Remember to keep it lively by changing the content regularly!

Interactive wall example

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