Interactive games

Interactive games Ergo Sum Interactive games are not only for children!

Ergo Activ Games is a range of integrated solutions in which different types of sensors will generate a variety of actions to surprise and entertain visitors.

Once detected, a person, or object, will generate an action like playing a sound, a video sequence or any other type of entertainment or information you wish to integrate.

Many variations exist and we can provide standardized solutions or, on the other hand, customized ones. Interactive piano stairs, drum tiles, moving tubes, are typical examples of this technology.

Though inexpensive, these packs of interactive games are extremely effective and when wisely deployed generate more attention from the visitor who will be caught in the “game” and start to spot new animations in your facility.

Good to know: Combine several different animations to make people wonder where will be the next “surprise” and maximize the awe of your visitors.

Interactive Games example

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