Switchable glass

Switchable glass Ergo SumErgo E-Fade is a switchable glass: a spectacular technology allowing a pane of glass to instantly transform from transparent to opaque.

The principle of changing from transparent to opaque is done with the flick of a switch, by computer, or by motion sensor. A film which has been laminated into glass panes changes then its polarity and the transparency pattern of the element is changed stopping normal light reflection and thus creating opacity.

The switchable glass offers several applications such as the creation of multi-functional spaces, meeting rooms, retail space with advisors (bank, insurance, etc.) or reception areas as well as shop windows animations (play with transparency in certain locations to showcase a product). Mitigation of sunlight in living and office spaces is also popular, as well as use in restaurants and hotels (dividers, shower stalls, toilet stalls, etc.)

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Ergo E-Fade Switchable glass example

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