Scent diffusion

Scent diffusion Ergo SumErgo Scent consists in a scent difusion concept for public spaces. Create an olfactory identity, spread emotion and surprise in your public areas: point of sale, lobby, halls, showrooms, etc.

Our scent diffusion technology is both ecologicaland economical : no use of alcohol, solvent free and without liquid projections. The patented process works by natural evaporation of a perfume concentrate, using practical, clean and easy to change capsules.

Our scent diffusion solutions are plug and play, and ready to use: you plug it in, and it works! The diffusers are able to cast up to 4 different aromas (chosen amongst hundreds available), to vary the pleasures of one day. Ergo Sum selects only perfumes of exceptional quality and will fully assist you during the process of choosing the aromas you want in our huge catalogue, or even create “custom” perfumes adapted to your need. For ecological operation and simplicity of use, our objects are 100% programmable.

Good to know: automatic or on-demand scent diffusion, continuous or alternating, aromas used, level of intensity, times of operation… it’s you who calibrates your diffuser to match your desired use.

Scent diffusion Ergo Scent example

Diffusion olfactive Ergo Sum Diffusion olfactive Ergo Sum Diffusion olfactive Ergo Sum

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