electroluminescence ergo sumLight has always been used to beautify homes and public places. The electroluminescence Ergo Lum by Ergo Sum is the next step in this process.

The first part of our electroluminescence packs consists in electroluminescent stripes and sheets that, with the help of an assortment of colors, allow you to bring life to the segments and edges of your furniture, walls and ceilings in an aesthetic and discrete, or, if you wish, flashy and ostentatious manner !

The second part of the electroluminescence package consists in the Ergo Lum Picture range: we embed one of your images with luminous animations that, in a predetermined sequence, illuminate different parts of your view, creating a visual path that will give much more impact to your picture. Ergo Lum image is visually very attractive, while being very reasonable in terms of budget. The solution is custom created by our teams, so don’t hesitate to contact us soon to obtain a sample.

Good to know: electroluminescence can be adapted to a roll-on material, to let cabs, trucks and company cars communicate visually.

Electroluminescence example

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