Directional sound

Directional sound Ergo Sum Directional sound enables you to diffuse your message on a limited area.

Ergo Sosh is a pack of complete solutions allowing you to precisely control the dissemination of sound in a public place. The idea of directional sound is that the content to be played stays localized and does not leak into the surrounding areas which are not targeted.

For best results, a mastery of the entire chain of sound is required.

Two elements can be used individually or in conjunction to get directional sound, according to your budget: 1. SOSH – Sound SHower is an directional sound panel, able to clearly deliver sounds or spoken messages to a specific area, even if this target area is several dozen meters away. Typical applications consist of giving voice to traditionally silent public screens (digital signage, museum info, reception areas, etc). 2. LEVEL MAGIC is an adaptive sound treatment processor. Placed upstream from the broadcast equipment used, it guarantees that all of your audio content, regardless of its location, maintains a smooth and consistent level of sound.

Good to know: Ergo Sum’s production division can realize your messages, music and even sound design. Just ask us!

Directional sound Ergo SoSh example

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