window projection

window projection Ergo SumErgoproj Hologlass is a window projection concept: it creates a projection on glass in broad daylight while conserving the transparency of the pane.

Window projection is made possible by a patented technology in which Holographic Optical Elements (HOE) are integrated by laser into a highly transparent film. This film is then embedded in the glass. An effect made by the manipulation of light then allows a rear projection on the glass screen, and with the help of the HOE and a particular viewing angle, only the projected image is visible to the spectator. The result is an impressive image with exceptional brightness and contrast, even in plain day.

Available in many different shapes and sizes, panes for window projection allow you to create various zones of media diffusion without modifying the transparency of the glass partitions or the general aesthetic of the room or site.

Window projection is adapted to a variety of applications such as reception hall information systems, diffusion of informational multimedia content or for publicity for store windows.

Good to know: Ergoproj Hologlass can even be used as multitouch glass!

Ergoproj Window projection projection example

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