Virtual presenter


virtual presenter Ergo SumYou need to permanently repeat a message on certain key spots but can’t have a person blocked for that ? …and simultaneously you don’t want the public to miss this message ! We have the solution: the virtual presenter !


The principle behind the virtual presenter is to create a form (human or cartoon) and to animate it by projecting in exactly that form a virtual character who can provide information to visitors.

Ergo Sum offers its virtual presenter as an entirely turnkey solution, the ErgoProj Presenter pack, which includes a projector, model (human or virtual), screens, etc. You can even make your virtual presenter interactive, pairing it with an intelligent trigger system (automated sensors, control panels, etc…).

This concept is principally intended for indoor use (Airports , train and bus stations, stores, museums, car showrooms, cinemas and reception halls).

Good to know: the virtual presenter can be rendered with 3D video mapping projection, giving depth and dimension to your character, making them even more human
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