Logo projection

ergoprojlogoLogo projection: make your logo even more attractive and informative, by adding a dynamic dimension to let it tell a story, and let you stand out from the competition.

The principle behind logo projection is to project video animations onto a transparent acrylic support, diffusing the light in 360 degrees, exactly reproducing the appearance of your logo, or a shape of your choice.

The support on which the projection is made is covered in a highly reflective film which, by virtue of its texture, rends the video visible from all points, with an ideal luminosity.

Logo projection is principally adapted to indoor use (stores, museums, reception halls), or shaded from the sun, but depending on the projector used and the shape and size of the support, adaptations are possible.

 Good to know: integrate sound on top of the logo projection concept to create a virtual receptionist which can inform your visitors tirelessly… Check the virtual presenter solution !

Logo projection example

ergo proj logo
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