Digital graffiti wall


Digital graffiti wall Ergo SumErgo Graff is a digital graffiti wall. The principle is simple: allow your visitors to “tag” your walls, ceilings, building or store.

Especially well adapted to events, the digital graffiti wall relays the Twitter concept letting everybody leave an ephemere post, drawing or signature during the party that you’ve organized. The device combines projection methods, tablet(s), computer assisted design tools and software to let anyone “tag” or draw whatever they like, and display all their unforgettably (or not…) works on chosen walls or projection surfaces.

The digital graffiti wall is very easy to use, as participants only need a stylus to draw, not on a sheet, but on a graphical tablet, to see their messages, drawings and graphs on the projection surface. Guaranteed fun and craziness!

Good to know: are you worried that the artistic level of your guests may be stuck at a kindergarden level? We can provide one of our graphic artists, who can transform your audience’s messages into real temporary art and animate your event by creating graffiti and tags in real time. Just ask us!

Digital graffiti wall example

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