3D Hologram


3D hologram Ergo SumWith ErgoHoloreal, no words are needed anymore ! Dive into a new dimension of point of sales animation. 3D hologram is a surprising promotion tool that can’t be ignored by your clients.

3D holographic projection delicately appears through or next to the real object displayed and tells its story with animated 3D hologram images, as if they were generated from the object itself. Total public attraction always guaranted !

Holographic projection is particularly suited for trade shows, store windows and boutique shelving. Offered in “ready to go” packs, our 3D hologram solutions can nevertheless be also totally adapted to your wishes.

The holographic projection is a simple tool to put into use, hyper spectacular and devilishly efficient in communicating your message!

Holographic projection example

projection holographique Ergo Sum projection holographique Ergo Sum

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