transparent screen

transparent touch screen Ergo SumTransparent screen Ergo Viewbox is a new concept for stores or museum animation which will guarantee impressive results for maximum impact.

Ergo Viewbox consists in a box in which you can place your product and the front side of which is an astonishing transparent screen. As with our holographic solutions, your product remains the star, but the clear transparent screen lets you show its story in an elegant, ethereal and completely astounding way.

Ergo Viewbox solutions exist in different sizes of 12, 24 and 42 inches, as well as tactile transparent screen versions with our Ergo Viewbox Touch.

Transparent screens are particularly well suited for stores, shop windows, exhibition booths where products need to attract and inform visitors by themselves.

 Good to know: we can also create custom Viewboxes! Imagine a refrigerated vending machine that changes into a glass being filled… with the very drink its promoting!

 écran transparent Ergo Sum

écran transparent tactile Ergo Sum

écran transparent Ergo Sum

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