Combining new technological concepts, like for instance Multitouch with other interactive solutions, can be difficult and shouldn’t be improvised or underestimated. This task requires a joint set of specialized knowledge and experience which most of the time isn’t easy to find.

Ergo Sum offers you a team of experienced professionnals who will help you in various stages of your projects:

1/ Consulting

technos_headerConcept, context analysis, solutions definition and proposal (packaged, standard, custom-made or even sourced)

2/ Interactive technologies

technos_headerOffering technological solutions, software developments (interactive, multitouch, etc.)

3/ Content development

technos_headerWe provide all sorts of creations from images (2D, 3D) to videos, sounds and even olfactive contents.

4/ Integration & Monitoring

technos_headerSeamless installation of the innovative communication solutions in your facility. Ergo Sum can also operate the installed tools and help you with the content updates, as well as regular satisfaction analysis.