Re-invent the shopping experience !

Give a new dimension using the very last digital technologies to create an immersive environment for customers.
Retailers are turning to technology to boost customer satisfaction, productivity and multi channels sales. The digital in store is a new concept to bridge offline and online experiences. Add interactivity, visually involve visitors in your stores, guide them trough an interactive experience.
Entertain and provide preliminary information without needing sales personal. Ergo Sum offers ready to use “packs” or custom made solutions, which in both cases are complete concepts for stores answering their needs, anticipating future developments and being evolutive.

– Differenciation (to enhance brand awareness)
– Promotion 
– Information 
– Count visitors, Analyse satisfaction, measure efficiency of your promotional actions
Solutions examples:
– Interactive video (promo, greeting, product launch)
– In store Mapping (fun, elegant and alternatively informative)
– Interactive surfaces (in tables, walls for information)
– Virtual Reality
– Customer satisfaction analysis
– Kids entertainment (interactive video, digital drawing, etc..)