Kids Areas

Ideal Solutions for kids areas in public spaces !

From tactile screens to augmented reality applications, through all sorts of interactive concepts, new entertainment technologies offer a vast amount of solutions to play, teach, or tell stories to kids who need to be entertained in public spaces. Our concepts are perfectly adapted to those needs as they are simple to use and implement, customizable, robust, easy to maintain and extremely fun ! Basically everything you need to keep younger ones under control and avoid them boredom.

We’ve designed a series of packs for children application which are highly successful and easy to customize.  Let us find yours. A fews concepts :

   – Interactive indoor and outdoor games
   – Multitouch drawing tables and walls
   – Virtual instruments (Pianos, flutes, drums)
   –  Ultra Directional sound combined with video screens for TV program watching (without disturbing nearby adults)
   – Virtual Reality applications 
   – Etc.